30 Day Detox: days 3 and 4

Day 3

For breakfast I had a sliced banana with blueberries and soy milk, along with a clementine. Yum, I love fresh fruit for breakfast!

We’re still in the depths of a cold/rainy spell and so I really wanted something warm for lunch. I roasted some eggplant, zucchini, beets, carrot, and half of a tomato that was floating around in my fridge. I put this on top of baby greens and romaine and topped with a maple mustard dressing I threw together. I also had the last of the leftover chickpea broccoli casserole but I will spare you more pictures of that.

For supper I made Susan Voisin’s smoky refried bean soup. I adore this soup so much…I posted about it awhile ago. For dessert I had the last of my blueberries.

Day 4

Before I went to the gym I scarfed down a banana. When I got home I made a smoothie with protein powder, mixed frozen berries, soy milk, psyllium husk, and flax. I put it in a bowl to eat with a spoon because I saw someone else on a blog (can’t remember who! sorry!) do it and I was curious about it.

I was really hungry that morning and as a snack I had another bowl of the refried bean soup.

For lunch I had a salad with romaine, baby greens, sprouts, broccoli, snap peas, radish, carrot, and tofu with a vinaigrette that had rice vinegar, mustard, and some nutritional yeast.

That morning I received a package from Robert Cheeke. Robert was kind enough to include many free samples, including a VEGA Vibrancy Bar, which I had for my afternoon snack. These bars sort of remind me of a Lara bar, but are less sweet. It was pretty good.

For supper that night I had even more of the refried bean soup (can you tell I really love that soup?) which I didn’t take another picture of. I also had some swiss chard sauteed with garlic. The two dishes didn’t go together at all but I wanted to use up the chard.

That night for a snack I had some snap peas.

EDIT: Aha, thanks for jogging my memory Nora! It’s Nora over at Pride & Vegudice that eats her smoothies in a bowl!

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