An update of assorted foodstuffs

So the bf’s sister is here until tomorrow morning. We’ve had a lot of fun since she arrived. Some of this fun resulted in yummy food. Such as the pizza night we had on Saturday. The bf made omni pizza, but I wowed her with a vegan pizza made with sun-dried tomato pesto, Vegan Gourmet cheese, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and lots of black olives.

Then there was the day that we just hung out, acted lazy, and made brunch. And so, vegan “eggs” benedict were made. I used an english muffin, Yves veggie ham, Italian marinated tofu (from Veganomicon) and Bryanna Clark Grogan’s hollandaise sauce. Truth be told, I’ve never tasted hollandaise sauce before. So I really had nothing to compare it to. I made the recipe as written, tasted the sauce, and didn’t really care for it. But I have no idea if I even like regular hollandaise sauce so it could just be me. But the sauce whisperer bf came to my rescue and played around with it for 10 minutes and it was fine. I really don’t know how he does it…

Lucky for me, the bf’s sister likes to bake. So one afternoon we whipped up these babies: vegan cinnamon buns. Clearly we didn’t wait long enough to put the glaze on. We’re impatient like that. But they were so yummy and gooey that nobody cared.

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VPITS Key Lime Pie

VPITS Key Lime Pie

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