Baking Extravaganza, Day #2

And so the baking extravaganza continues. Today I made carrot spice muffins using Susan V’s recipe. I was out of cinnamon so I had to omit that. It was also my first time using whole wheat pastry flour. I thought they turned out pretty good. They definitely taste “healthy” though, so I’m not sure if the bf will eat them or not. Oh well, more for me.

Next up is the lower fat banana bread from Veganomicon. I made some changes though. I used whole wheat pastry flour, added an extra banana, used all applesauce and no oil, and sprinkled the top of the loaf with rolled oats. It was tasty, but I found it too sweet for my liking. Next time I will cut back on the sugar.

I also made some sourdough, as I was anxious to try out my three-week old sourdough starter. I had to add a lot more flour than called for in the recipe. Instead of baking it in the bread machine I baked it in the oven. It formed a nice crust and already my young starter does have quite a “sour” taste to it. I think it will make delicious sandwiches.

And finally, I also made 12 more mini baguettes. I swear, I never want to see a baguette again.

That one in the front turned out quite pudgy, didn’t he?

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VPITS Key Lime Pie

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